Raising awareness for Childhood Heart Disease
What is Childhood Heart Disease?

6 Babies will be born today in Australia with heart disease and with over 32,000 people in australia, we need to find a cure.


The 2013 Ride


670 Klm with 9,000 meters of climbing!

Check out the 5 stages as mapped with Strava to see some of the awesome climbs to be undertaken on this years Tour De Ticker.

Photo Gallery


Check out some of the photos from last years Tour de Ticker. 

5 days with some being hot, some wet and the rest just perfect.


What are we up to now???

So, the year is racing by and it has been almost 12 months since our last ride. We have been slowly chipping away behind the scenes here at Tour de Ticker headquarters 

Our youngest son Dougal has a major open heart surgery coming up next month and for now we are concentrating on him, his impending recovery and keeping the family running as smoothly as possible.

We will be up and running and raring to go in 2015. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support.

Patsy and Brownie  

Riding to Raise Awareness of Childhood Heart Disease
Welcome to the Tour de Ticker 2013

Welcome to Tour de Ticker 2013

Tour de Ticker 2012 - Day 4
680klm with 9,000 meters of climbing

Raising Funds for HeartKids NSW.  

Very few people know about Childhood Heart Disease yet it is effecting more children than you may expect.

From the 20th to the 24th November, 20 Riders will take up the challenge and ride the NSW Snowy Mountains to help raise awareness of CHD. 

Our goal is to raise awareness as well as much needed funds to help the fabulous people at Hearkids NSW. This fantastic non government funded organisation works tirelessly to provide Family Support, Create Awarness, Loby the government and also fund reasearch into the cause of CHD.

So lets get behind these fantastic cyclists and the support crew who have taken on this charity with such enthusiasm.

Your donation would be greatly appreciated

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have alot to be thankful for.

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